Celebrating the Women of Schonbuch Hallissy

Schonbuch Hallissy LLP is committed to mentoring and promoting women in the law by creating a supportive environment where all attorneys are given equal opportunities and women are empowered to succeed. In fact, three of the five founding members of Schonbuch Hallissy LLP are women. The Firm is proud of its strong core of women attorneys anchored by partners Erin Hallissy, Maureen Michail, Bernadette Brouses, and Mary Fersch and the guidance and training they provide to new associates.

Women of Schonbuch Hallissy
Women Attorneys of Schonbuch Hallissy
Women of Schonbuch Hallissy

Schonbuch Hallissy LLP advocates for women across Southern California. The Firm is a signatory to the LACBA-WLALA Joint Task Force Call to Action for the advancement of women lawyers, instituting initiatives that identify and address the needs of women lawyers and diverse women lawyers. Also, our attorneys hold leadership positions in organizations promoting women attorneys, such as acting as the Director for the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel’s (ASCDC) Board of Directors and the Chair of the Women in the Law Committee, and serve on subcommittees for LACBA’s President’s Advisory Committee for Women in the Legal Profession.

Where women are empowered to succeed.